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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

10 highest salary in UK

Aku teruja bile baca tentang 10 professions yang mendapat gaji tertinggi di UK. Ini adalah gaji yang depa boleh dapat dalam setahun tau....
Directors and CEOs = £151,046
: majority traditionally requiring a degree and possibly an MBA.

Brokers = £115,612
Kelayakan : Degree dalam business, economics or finance degree would be advantageous.

Corporate Managers and Senior Officials = £107,951
Kelayakan : Engineering degree in business management related field from an accredited college or Bachelor's degree in business management related field.

Financial Managers (and Chartered Secretaries) = £83,396
Kelayakan : Financial Managers require a degree in any discipline coupled with professional accountancy qualifications. The Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators recommends that entrants have a degree in law or business.

Medical Practitioners = £76,000
Kelayakan : A degree in medicine is essential obtained over a five-year period (or four years for a graduate entry programme), followed by a two-year foundation programme whereby junior doctors will earn up to £35,000 per year.

Aircraft Pilots and Flight Engineers = £68,582
Kelayakan : A-levels/HND are sufficient and pilots must undertake an intensive training programme to obtain their commercial pilot's licence (CPL) and Airline Transport Pilot's Licence from a CAA-approved training school. Oh, and you'll need a good pair of sunglasses, too. To become a flight engineer, you need a degree in aeronautical or aerospace engineering, avionics or air transport engineering.

Air traffic Controllers = £59,228
Kelayakan : Tak semestinya degree holders. The minimum requirement is five GCSEs (grades A-C including English and Maths) in addition to two A-levels/GNVQ advanced level. Most people enter the profession via the National Air Traffic Services (NATS).

Marketing and Sales Managers = £57,276
Kelayakan : Marketers typically enter the profession upon graduation (a degree in Marketing or Business is not necessary but is advantageous) or after completing either a HNC or HND. Professional marketing and sales qualifications can be obtained through the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Police Officers (Inspectors and above) = £56,931
Kelayakan : No formal requirements, entry is open to anyone with a clean criminal record.

Solicitors, Lawyers, Judges and Coroners = £55,723
Kelayakan : Solicitor - degree (any discipline) or via the legal executive route. Judge - qualification upon completing minimum seven years as a practising solicitor. Coroner - must be a qualified barrister, solicitor or medical doctor.

Sumber : Klik sini n 2010 Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE).

**Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri.....


blog-tips-kurus said...

kenapa tokey MLM Hai-O tak masuk list?! (",)

Jang said...

Nasib ko tak reveal gaji aku. He3..

Jumir said...

Tokey MLM tkdk kt UK kot.

Jumir said...

Brape gaji ko beb?

Jang said...

Gaji aku kecik je. Bole la.

Jumir said...

Iye la tu gaji kecik. Aku nak cari info salary K-AinDubai la plak lepas ni.

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