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Monday, October 6, 2008

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Celebrating this year Hari Raya was a great moment that cherish forever. It brings another 'sonata' history to my family.

Every siblings were there except for Abang Ha who went back to Rompin, Pahang (to his wife's kampung).The first day Hari Raya, (after the Solat Aidilfitri) everybody were busy asking for forgiveness and expressing their regret on any past misunderstood, unmind speaking and any other mistakes done.

And of course.....Duit Raya flew away from my pocket to my lovely 15 nieces, nephews and so do the 4 cucu's pockets.

On the second day, as usual my orang kampung went to visit the kubur area. Everybody will perform Tahlil together. And another duit raya were given to children who came to that kubur.

After a few visit to the nearby orang kampung houses, my family went to Sungai Pahang for "Etak's catching session". was the most fun and hilarious moment ever. We went there by Kide's lorry. Everybody were excited taking pictures and videos to record the moment on the lorry.

We manage to catch almost 1/4 basket of Etak. It's not about the quantity but the memories of catching it is counted. Amir, my elder cucu cannot pronounce the word "Etak" properly. He called it "Laptop". He also by mistake had free some of the Etak back to Sungai Pahang.
I am a village girl. I can't help myself from remembering my childhood memories. Sungai Pahang is one of those memories. So being there on that day bring me back to the past. Bathing with my siblings...mum and dad, catching Etak and other untold stories.
My dad died on the 1st year of my Diploma study while my mum past away when I was in the 3rd year. I also lost one of my lovely sister on 03.01.2006. I am the youngest in my family, so every happy moment without them is a big cry in my heart.
On the 3rd day of Hari Raya, I was entertaining every visitors who came to my house. My job was to fill up kuih raya, make drinks and washing dishes. I was also appointed as the Treasury who will distribute duit raya to all the children who came to our house.
The fourth Hari Raya, my family and I make another trip to Sungai Pahang. We catched another 1/4 basket Etak. I boiled the Etak with some ginger and daun kunyit. Sedap...gile! Everybody love it. Actually I heard some people say that Etak is good to cure Asma. But I don't know whether it is true or not.
The fifth Hari Raya, I am going back to KL. My sister, Ina tapau me with Daging Masak Satay, Nasi Impit, Kuah Kacang, Nasi Dagang, Gulai Ikan Tongkol, Serunding Daging and some kuih raya. Thanks to her. She is my favourite sister forever! I started my journey at 6.15 am after Subuh and I drive my car alone. I don't mind of being alone. Some of my relatives keep attacking me with an unavoidable question...."Bila lagi ni...kamu ni nak kawen...". Well....I got no answer for that. But still...I don't mind of being alone....for now.

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